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Nuclear Supremacy by RedOut Nuclear Supremacy by RedOut
Came more out of bordom than needing to send a message, I love making these kinds of simplistic things.

A few things I learned a while back..

Of all the nations that have nuclear weapons, the USA has far more than anyone. Most of these countries have somewhere from 40-350 warheads. The two others are Russia weighing in at somewhere around 6000 while the USA has 8646, they alone probably have enough to scorch the entire earth.

The president is followed on international trips by a man carrying a 'foot ball' briefcase that lets him launch a nuke wherever he is. Knowing that I wouldn't feel very safe being in a place like Russia or China.
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gouranga1 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
actually we have around 30,000+ nukes and over 1000 peacekeeper nukes.
quantumpixel Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005

just awesome stuff !!!
shockwave3x Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004
that caught my eye as soon as I got to your site, very awesome piece, clean cut and the colors work well
illusions667 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2004
You should make this in red, white and blue ;)
RedOut Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2004
Good idea, maybe I will.
boxxor Featured By Owner May 17, 2004
very nice work, just 2 of my 3 fav. tones (red, black, white *grin*)
i kinda like the way u designed the nukes, bushs face in the star gives the whole thing a more commercial feeling (like the u.s.a. are a fastfoodchain with the star-bush as their mascot)
really like this
only one thing i don't like: the bush-face totaly pixeled out
big up
communism Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
"they alone probably have enough to scorch the entire earth. "

Capitalist America has enough missiles to destroy the population of earth 17 times.

Great work. Very clean :)
midgetgem Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
This is a very nice piece of work, I like the way you have taken the flag and worked it into a powerful image.

The political message is also a very good one.

Great :)
stupidsongs2 Featured By Owner May 15, 2004
ya, we got enought to do the world about 10 times over

can they figure out we need to DISARM??? we can't use the bomb anymore we'll just wind up blowing up the wold freakin earth
truthfighter Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2004
Vicious-Koala Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004   Photographer
thanks for the comment on my site on one term president. granted the candidates may not be the best in the world: like the rev. sharpton who thinks any white person that asks him a question is a racist or those other dumbasses with pointless speaches about nothing. i get confused about how i feel about the war. i think its horrible that we did it. but i think its great they captured saddam. but it really is bad that they didnt even have any wmd's. as far as 9/11 i think that a lot of places would have fought back better than we did. ours was just kind of aimless bombing that killed innocents. we should have waited and tried to gather intelligence on bin laden before we started shooting in the dark. but bush's "space program" is what gets me. it makes me feel like he's just trying to live out a five year old's fantasy. i dont care about mars when their are more important things like education and the growing unemployment rate here in the south. my dad has lost several jobs NAFTA and they have all been him getting laid off so the job could be sent to another country so someone could work at a starvation wage in shit conditions. im all for helping others but after we've taken care of our own first. if this keeps up the country will keep going to shit and fast. im sure that one of these presidential candidates is slightly less of an asshole than bush is though. i just have to figure out which one...
compound Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2004
Stunning visual! Blunt, direct, to-the-point. Gets the message across effectively without being too overkill. :ohmygod:

You might have considered using a lighter tone for the other stars on the flag, but otherwise the various elements add up nicely to complement the graphic, as a whole.

Good stuff -- keep it up!
r3s3nt Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2004   Writer
coldnsteel Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2004
Nice, I like the way the flag turns into nukes. :D
Surlaw-The-Mai Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004
.....Hmmm. Sounds like the work of the La-Li-Lu-La-Lo, The Patriots !!
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